Cropped selection of environment concept art for 2D game platforms

Early pencil drawn concept sketches gallery

Here are a selection of our concept sketches and drawings for platform game levels, environments, buildings, plants and other objects that are forming the art direction of an upcoming cross-platform adventure game featuring hand drawn graphics and animation with digital watercolour style paint. Continue reading “Early pencil drawn concept sketches gallery”

Grass and tree platforms with curly bottom roots

Layered grassy mounds on a floating island with bobbly base tendrils

Game level ideas sketched out for varying layered mounds of blocks, (retro Super Mario style), and a tree which spears through a wedge of grassy platform. Also another concept for a foreground and also silhouetted background building. New style drawing test for the bottom of the floating island, with bobbly tentacle-like tendrils. Continue reading “Layered grassy mounds on a floating island with bobbly base tendrils”