Rocky outcrops, boulders, and two thatched stone buildings

Here’s our most recent environment and buildings concept artwork for a floating island as part of the design phase of the hand drawn platform game we are making. We streamed this from start to finish on our Twitch channel, (you can catch up here with past broadcasts), and have uploaded the 16x speeded up drawings to our YouTube channel. The creative juices are flowing fast 🙂

Rocky outcrops island with thatched stone buildings

We are recording a lot of the process of creating concept art using an overhead camera (iPad) mounted creatively on a mic stand, and then using OBS software to stream and record from the beginning of a new pencil sketch through to rendering and finally the digital painting.

We’ll talk through how we set this up properly on another post. In the meantime, enjoy this 16x speeded up video starting with a pencil sketch and finishing with the full colour concept art for part of the game environment design.

We’re posting more of our game concept art as we make it, on our Creative channel. Here’s the latest environment and building work, and if you’d like to watch the 5x speeded up drawing from start to finish that’s now here, and the colouring process video (with voiceover tips for anyone interested) is here.

As with other of these floating islands, the aim is to collate our concept art ideas and form a unique style for a platform adventure game which is in our (very) early development pipeline. Keep up with our creative activities by following our Twitch channel, Twitter and Facebook page. Whichever floats your boat!

Thatched house hills tree fence and rocky entrance