Layered grassy mounds on a floating island with bobbly base tendrils

Game level ideas sketched out for varying layered mounds of blocks, (retro Super Mario style), and a tree which spears through a wedge of grassy platform. Also another concept for a foreground and also silhouetted background building. New style drawing test for the bottom of the floating island, with bobbly tentacle-like tendrils.

Grass and tree platforms with curly bottom roots

Concept drawing for more buildings and components that will be integrated into the game environments. Still early stages as we accumulate ideas and develop the base style. Extra-gnarly tree grows into the side of a hillock holding the thatched house.

Castle tower and thatched house on a thick tree island

This Small sketch shows some preliminary ideas for how small and increasingly larger woods or forests can look. Includes a concept for stars in the sky, and a tree with a thick trunk holding up one part of the platform.

Thick trees and trunks holding grass platforms