Demo 2D platform game level video and sketches

Here is a scan from a rough sketched drawing in a moleskin notebook. We have a few that are dotted about in the studio to capture ideas for parts of environments, platforms, objects and characters that we are pulling together for interactive apps and games.

Digitally painted watercolour over sketched platform game level drawing.

Being a simple sketch, we spruced it up a bit with some digital paint. We use a custom pencil and custom brushes in PhotoShop to retain the hand-made traditional art look.

We have already created several prototype pencil-drawn games using a game engine we wrote a few years ago. We will get round to doing some basic screen capture compilation videos of these, as a special treat for you guys, maybe!

Rough pencil sketch platform game level scanned from moleskin notepad.

Here is a super-early demo screen capture video of the hand-drawn demo game level drawing from above. It’s very basic compared to what we are now working on, but sowed the seed for us to create a more epic project. The rusty acoustic guitar riff we played over the top was just to add a bit of atmosphere to the demo footage.